Getting Started

Thank you for taking on this important leadership role on a Victory Honda hockey team. Often the unsung hero, the team manager is the key to a successful season. The team manager will work together with coaches, parents and VH adminsitration to offer every player the best possible experience.

As the Team Manager, you take on the operational aspects of the team which allows the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction. Don't feel like you have to do it all - delegate as needed!

Depending on your head coach, the roles and responsibilities for a manager may differ. 

Be sure to talk to your coach and clarify expectations & communication.

As a general rule, the team manager does the following:

  • Communications with Coaching staff, VHA Administration & Public Relations, Victory Ice Center Staff and Parents, to ensure team schedule and information is accurate.
  • Coordinate team travel arrangements: hotel, meals, transportation, etc.
  • Collect information to roster players and send it into the Registrar. Keep the roster updates and ensure coaches credentials are/stay up to date.
  • Determine with coach if team fundraising will be needed and plan accordingly.
  • Maintain season scoresheets & MAHA documents and prepare them for state credentialing
  • Liaison between coach and parents
  • Schedule Parent Meetings
  • Schedule the following: referees, VH designated clock/scorekeeper, person to run music, for each home game and penalty box person.
  • Organize team events, extra games, collect money as needed based on VH
  • Report any SafeSport violation in accordance with the SafeSport Handbook

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